Reilly Sunset

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Why Good Photography Costs Money

I’ll just go ahead and say it to all the parents out there – STOP BUYING CHEAP PHOTOGRAPHY. In today’s world – we are all looking for a great deal, I get that. But there is a cancer in the photography industry, and it comes in the form of... read more

New Site, New Look

Holy smokes! It’s been a big year at Brian Black & White Photography. Not only do we have 5 Senior Model Reps, a (almost) full time model coach, and access to a studio now – WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! As the brand evolves and the Be Different campaign is... read more


I’m not going to lie – this is TOTAL clickbait. If you came here thinking my wife and I are pregnant, sorry. We nailed it with the first one. However, now that I have you hooked, I happy to announce that Brian Black & White Photography is expecting.... read more

Your Photos Are In Color, Stupid.

I get this a lot. Brian Black & White… but your photos are in color. That’s the running joke among some of my clients as well as friends. It’s a huge misnomer on my Instagram handle but wow, does it make for some sexy branding. Like my horrible... read more


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